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Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let you all know that our Icon Archive is back online after a brief disappearance. Something went wrong with the coding and I had to reinstall the script again, but it’s back! I also have added a few more ones for it’s relaunch. Check them out now at the subsite. I will be updating this regularly since I love iconing!

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We all know that Kong: Skull Island will be an origin film based on King Kong that will go into production this summer. Plot details are unknown at this time, but here are some speculations for the upcoming blockbuster thanks to WhatCulture.Com.

Legendary Pictures surprised the Comic Con hordes last summer with the sudden announcement of Skull Island, a new film “set in the world” of King Kong. As we’ve since learned, the film is a prequel, and will probably be called Kong: Skull Island to help the slow of thinking work out what it’s all about. The giant monkey on the poster just won’t be enough.

A new report at Film Divider, which is mainly about Kong’s recurring fixations upon young, American blonde women, has spilled a few more details of what the film’s story will be; “Much of the film will be concerned with a rescue mission to the island,” they say, adding, “One of the survivors of the doomed, pre-movie voyage will be revealed to have survived on the island and bonded with Kong as a baby. He’s still outsized – and the story will provide an explanation of why.”

I think I can guess why, in fact. Whereas the 1933 Kong was about filmmakers and the 1976 Kong was about Big Oil, I’ve heard the rumour that Skull Island will feature a nefarious chemical company. That’s the word, so how about that chemical plays some part in Kong’s gigantism? It all makes sense to me.

Arguably just as important to Kong’s character as the big fella’s enormity and ferocity is his attraction to Ann Darrow. Skull Island is apparently also going to explain the origins of these feelings in full-on Freudian fashion, with Film Divider’s report saying, of that survivor who bonded with baby Kong, “she’s been created in the image of Ann Darrow: young, blonde and beautiful.”

Skull Island is set for release in the US on March 10th, 2017; as I understand it, the UK date has yet to be confirmed.

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Tom Hiddleston is the gift that keeps on giving.

After being one of the best celebrities to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge, Hiddleston has struck again, attempting to fundraise for another charity. This time, it’s for Sohana’s Research Fund, which raises money for a skin condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa. Like the Ice Bucket Challenge, it is raising awareness by issuing people a challenge — in this case, reciting a difficult tongue twister — then urging them to nominate friends to join in.
Hiddleston picked a rather tough tongue twister: “Dick had a dog, the dog dug, the dog dug deep, how deep did Dick’s dog dig? Dick had a duck, the duck dived, the duck dived deep, how deep did Dick’s duck dive? Dick’s duck dived as deep as Dick’s dog dug!”

Watch him struggle to get through it, while accidentally saying “How deep did the dick…” multiple times before realizing his mistake.

Tom Hiddleston, talking about dicks for charity since 2015.

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The Collider recently posted an interview they conducted withChris Hemsworth last summer on the Age of Ultron set. Chris briefly mentions what is up next for Thor and Loki. Read under the cut as it could lead to spoilers!

Last June, when Avengers: Age of Ultron was filming outside London, I got to visit the set with a few other reporters. While most of what we saw and learned is still under embargo, Marvel/Disney has started letting us post some of our on-set interviews. I’ve already shared what Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo had to say, and today I get to reveal what we learned from Chris Hemsworth….

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We have scans from the April 2015 issue of Empire magazine. In the featurette we have a look at Ben Wheatley’s ‘High-Rise,’ which is due for a release later this year.

Magazine Scans > Empire – April 2015

Source: Torrilla

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Fans highly anticipating the third movie for the Norse God “Thor” might be in for a shock. Word is out that the third installment of the popular Marvel film would be the end for the film adaptation of the story as it might showcase the death of the Norse god.

While the plot for “Thor 3: Ragnarok” remains unclear, some reports claimed that certain events in the “Avengers 3: Age of Ultron” would set the tone for the upcoming movie.

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There have been a lot of rumors about Tom’s new projects lately, while there has not been any confirmation about this one (too) yet, this is what we know about it.

This movie was set to release back in 2012 but was postponed for another movie, Tom Hiddleston has been rumored for the role of the chief villain, an evil shadow who probably wants to turn all the lights out or some such inky black badness.

Back in 2012 this information about the movie was released:

Set to feature the voices of Bill Hader, Josh Gad and Kate Hudson, the movie is about a shadow named Stan who dreams of a life of adventure, but is forced to stick around with Stanley Grubb, a timid, humdrum guy who prefers the quiet life. That all changes, however, when a threat in the shadow world could mean the end for Stan and Stanley, leading Stan to take things over. Alessandro Carloni, who served as head of story for How To Train Your Dragon and was an animation supervisor onKung Fu Panda 2, is helming the project, which will be released on March 14, 2014.

Now all what we have to do is wait and pray that the rumor about Tom is true.

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While everyone in America celebrated the Oscars on Sunday, the film industry’s sweetheart Tom Hiddleston was doing a Q&A at the Nuffield Theatre in England. The small event was for members of the theater, (who can congratulate themselves on scoring quite a few fangirls as patrons, now) and was dedicated to hearing Hiddleston’s thoughts on acting, theater, and the arts in general.

I’ve always known Hiddleston loved all aspects of acting, but this Q&A really highlighted that enthusiasm. Although the event was closed to cameras or recording devices, thanks to several Hiddlestoners who attended, fans can read re-caps of the questions asked and what Hiddleston had to say about the arts. (And even without video of the event, all this is right in line with his general attitude towards taking acting seriously.) “Tom is seriously passionate [about] acting,” one attendee told

In fact, Hiddleston divulged that he initially joined the industry because it had essentially overtaken his life. “I slowly realized it had begun to take up all of my time,” he told the crowd. Although he focused on acting for the most part, Hiddleston also threw some feminism in there, referencing Emma Watson’s HeForShe campaign and reportedly saying, “Women and men should be allowed to be whoever they are without restriction.”

And as if that wasn’t wonderful enough, according to fans who were there, here is exactly how dedicated to the theater arts Hiddleston is.

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@twhiddleston: “Words & Music” for those inclined towards either of those. Theme is “Memory”. Today, 5:30pm UK time, on :

Tom will be featured on BBCRadio 3 later this evening for a reading of ‘Memories,’ you can tune in at 5:30pm UK time here

‘Memories,’ according to PG Wodehouse ‘are like mulligatawny soup in a cheap restaurant. It is best not to stir them.’

In this memory-themed edition of Words and Music Tom Hiddleston and Eleanor Bron nonetheless poke around with the soup spoon to discover what’s below the surface.

Among the ingredients Wordsworth and Bertie Wooster are in remarkable agreement; Alan Bennett struggles to comes to terms with his mother’s dementia; and Fanny Burney recalls her horrific operation. St Peter and Montaigne have trouble remembering; Ted Hughes remembers all too well his honeymoon with Sylvia Plath; William Blake and Elizabeth Jennings look back on happier days. Somewhere in the middle is a large dollop of Proust.

It’s all to be found floating in the music of Purcell, Conlon Nancarrow, Chabrier, John Adams, Brahms and Bach.

David Papp (producer).

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‘High-Rise’ is coming out with an audiobook read by Tom Hiddleston. Tom stars in Ben Wheatley’s film adaption of the book which is set to be released sometime this year!

High-Rise is the gift that keeps on giving.

The film adaptation of the novel by the same name, starring Tom Hiddleston, is now being made into an audiobook.

If a book is being made into a film, it must be pretty good … right?  Some people like to read the book first, get all the details, and then go see the film to see if it matches up to how they pictured the story and its characters.

On the other hand, some people may have the best intention to read the book, run out of time, and then the movie is already here. If that’s the case, the audiobook might be an ideal option.

And who wouldn’t want to spend a chunk of their day listening to Hiddleston’s soothing voice?

Source: BBC America

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“Sherlock” season 4 is will be returning, according to the BBC, and fans will get an exciting one-episode special before the fourth season.
There’s always a lot of speculation regarding what story archs the show will use and the new season is no different. But there’s one that has caught our attention, is Tom Hiddleston really joining the cast of Sherlock? Here’s what people have been speculating lately:

A-list actor may be playing the third brother. There has been a great deal of online discussion about “Thor” and “Avengers” star Tom Hiddleston joining the cast of “Sherlock” as Cumberbatch’s character’s third brother. In a Q&A in Brazil, Gatiss, who also happens to play Mycroft Holmes in the series, joked about the idea when asked if Hiddleston would be considered for the role.

So can we now dance around celebrating? The answer is no, not yet at least, because nothing has been confirmed but this would be awesome news for Tom and for all of his fans.

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Hi, everyone!

I been pondering this for the past couple of weeks and I come to the decision that I will be needing a co-webmaster for the website. School has taken a lot of my time and I am struggling to keep the site up to date as well getting my assignments done, so I would like a little help. If you are interested please drop me an email at Please remember you are required to have experience with the scripts that I use here on the website such as WordPress, Coppermine Gallery, and any FTP program. All you need this that, a lot of love for Tom, and some time. Interested? Send me an email with the following.

Do you currently have any fansites?

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Congrats to Tom and the Coriolanus for winning at the What’s On Stage Awards this evening!

Public Appearances > 2015 > What’s On Stage Awards

Credit: Torrilla

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The first trailer for Crimson Peak is here! Check it out below and also Tom screen captures from the teaser has been added to the gallery!

Projects > Films > Crimson Peak (2015) > Teaser Trailer #01

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Join the celebration at our forum now!

Current Projects
Age of Ultron
Tom as Loki
When Tony Stark tries to jumpstart a dormant peacekeeping program, things go awry and it is up to the Avengers to stop the villainous Ultron from enacting his terrible plans.

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Crimson Peak
Tom as Sir Thomas Sharpe
In the aftermath of a family tragedy, an aspiring author is torn between love for her childhood friend and the temptation of a mysterious outsider. Trying to escape the ghosts of her past, she is swept away to a house that breathes, bleeds...and remembers.

News Photos More Information Discussion

Tom as Robert Laing
Life for the residents of a tower block begins to run out of control.

News Photos More Information Discussion

I Saw The Light
Tom as Hank Williams
A biography based on the life of American country music legend, Hank Williams.

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The Night Manger
Tom as Jonathan Pine
A night manager of a European hotel is recruited by intelligence agents to infiltrate an international arms dealer's network.

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Kong: Skull Island
Tom as TBA
An action/adventure story centered on King Kong's origins.

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Thor: Ragnarok
Tom as Loki
Plot is unknown at this time

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